About membership

Membership of the AIM Cluster is open to all organizations which are active in the commercial agro-industrial manufacturing sectors, and the supply-chain of those sectors.

Please evaluate the following when considering participation in the AIM Cluster:

  • Do you manufacture products using natural materials which are or can be produced in the Eastern Cape?
  • Will your business benefit from networking with other companies in the sector in the Eastern Cape?
  • Can your business derive benefit from the AIM Cluster programmes?
  • Are you prepared to commit to active participation in the AIM Cluster through the right person / people from your business?
  • Are you open to communicating company-level issues and challenges to the AIM facilitators to help guide current and future cluster programmes?

If you believe you can benefit from participation in the AIM Cluster, and contribute to the AIM Cluster initiative, please contact the Cluster Coordination team to discuss your membership.

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