Cannabis Development Council Eastern Cape

Cannabis offtake production has become one of AIM’s primary projects – with keen interest in further expansion in Nelson Mandela Bay and Buffalo City. AIM is supporting and driving a number of initiatives.

There is a global move to legalise the production of Cannabis and Hemp. AIM imitated a meeting with the NPO Cannabis Development Council of Eastern Cape (CDCEC), and AIM subsequently organised an industry stakeholder session.

Supported by AIM, CDCEC is on a national drive to secure licences to produce medical cannabis in the province in rural Transkei on tribal lands.

The cannabis value chain represents several opportunities for value addition and enterprise creation. With support from AIM CDCEC has a confirmed offtake agreement from a USA based company valued at $50m. AIM is supporting and facilitating the lobbying for EC based licence allocations.

AIM hosted a stakeholder session with the Cannabis sub cluster stakeholders in East London. The session drew stakeholders from JHB and KZN. The session was extremely well supported and provided some engaging content and context of the developments in this sector.

Since the session, legislation has been revised to include growing of cannabis for personal consumption with further revision in policy pending further down the line in respect of industrialization of cannabis cultivation and processing.

Most recent developments include the set-up of an operationally ready cannabis facility at the ELIDZ for inspection by the MCC. The first for the province. In NMB AIM has been working with Pierre van den Hoven, who has the support of DAFF. Has submitted cultivation application for eight properties in Eastern Cape. AIM will help raise funding.

Time is of the essence as there are already a number of advanced projects active in the rest of Africa.

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