Sector Profiles

A profile of the agro-industrial manufacturing sector was developed based on sector research undertaken in the first half of 2013. The research focused on the following main characteristics of the sector:

  • Identifying manufacturing enterprises active in the sector;
  • Identifying their geographic location;
  • Determining the significant sub-sectors;
  • Evaluating the level of employment in the Sector;

The AIM Sector in the Eastern Cape includes enterprises classified into four of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes:

AIM sector codes

A total of 122 enterprises, employing approximately 13,600 people were identified in the research (see breakdown in charts below).

AIM enterprises by SIC code AIM Employment by SIC code

Analysis of the research data by sub-sector reveals that five sub-sectors dominate the sector – food, wood, textiles, leather and clothing, with 49% of the enterprises active in the food sub-sector employing 9,300 people, equivalent to 68% of the employment in the sector.

AIM Enterprises Top 10 Sub-Sectors AIM Employment Top 10 Sub-Sectors

Cluster organization requires that participants are geographically located relatively close together. Analysis of the Eastern Cape AIM sector indicates that:

  • 77% of all AIM enterprises are located in the greater Nelson Mandela Bay (43%) and Buffalo City (34%) areas;
  • Queenstown (4%), Stutterheim (4%), Butterworth (2%) and Humansdorp / Jeffreys Bay (2% each) form a second-tier of agro-industrial manufacturing centre;
  • 13% of the AIM enterprises are located in the old Ciskei / Transkei areas;

The geographic distribution of the identified AIM sector enterprises is shown in the following map (yellow markers indicate the location of at least 1 enterprise).

AIM Enterprise Locations

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